Friday, May 11, 2012

post ultrasound

i just came back from my 6 week ultrasound- it could have gone better, but i suppose it also could have gone worse too. we were able to see a yolk sac and fetal pole, and the measurement was on track- 6 weeks 1 day. that is the good part. however, we were not able to see a heartbeat.

so.... it's 50/50 at this point. it could be that it is too early to detect the heartbeat, or this could be a miscarriage. ugh. this limbo land sucks. we are hoping and praying for the heartbeat to develop. we are feeling positive about having gotten pregnant. but we really want the heartbeat (and ultimately to bring this baby home). and the not knowing where things stand at this point is hard.

the doctor who saw me today is my RE's partner, who i have seen before. she advised me to come back in a week because at seven weeks things are definitive. i asked about coming in sooner as i'm pretty sure i can not wait that long. i'm waiting to talk to my primary RE, but i think i will push for that. waiting a week feels so long.


  1. Yolk sac and fetal pole are great! I don't have to tell you that 6 weeks is still early.

    I know the waiting is just awful, especially when you feel you are in limbo. Thinking of you and hoping for more good news next week.

  2. Ugh CeCe, I know that the limbo is the absolute worst!!! I will be praying that you get in sooner & when you do, you see that gorgeous little heartbeat!! 6 wks is still so early & it is not uncommon not to see something before then. I'm sorry things didn't just go smoothly. Anything outside of perfect just sucks.

  3. Waiting and hoping with you...