Monday, May 6, 2013

33 weeks

Just 6 weeks to go until our baby's due date. I can't believe it! I have opted for a repeat c-section, a decision that I made early on. For me it's the right choice, vs. going for a vbac. I had a long, dramatic labor with baby C that resulted in an uplanned/somewhat of an emergency c-section- and all that matters to me is getting this baby out full-term as quickly and safely as possible.

Only in the past few weeks have I really started to think about the reality of bringing this baby home. I thought that once I hit the viability milestone that I would start to feel less guarded.. But then a good friend of mine's baby was born at 27 weeks and so far there have been a lot of major medical issues. The baby and family are in my thoughts everyday and I just pray that she pulls through and is ok. The baby's actual due date is supposed to be right around the same as mine is- and it just such a reminder of how fragile their lives are.

On a more upbeat note, physically I have been feeling really pretty good lately. This pregnancy has been a lot different... I have gained considerably less weight, the baby measures in the normal range but smaller than my son C, totally different cravings, and different symptoms. This go around I haven't had the hip pain like I did with C, but a new symptom for me is the heartburn (ugh).  All of this and the vibes I've been getting lately are making me think this baby is a girl. For the first several months I thought probably boy, maybe girl. But now I'm convinced girl. DH still thinks boy though.... So we shall see!!!! I am amazed that I have been able to make it this far without finding out the sex. Normally I am such a curious person who likes to prepare as much as possible. But I truly will be happy either way and I feel so strongly that all that matters is bringing the baby home.

Thinking of all of my blog friends and hoping everyone has a good, peaceful mother's day no matter where you are in your journey. I know I've had some rough ones, and will be sending extra happy thoughts to anyone who may need it.