Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the 2 ww

I'm 2 dpiui..Trying not to think about the wait, the possible outcomes, possible next steps, possible symptoms or lack thereof- but it's impossible for those thoughts not to creep into my head. I'm also having significant abdominal bloating from the stimulation, making it difficult not to analyze what's going on in my body. In the event that I start to notice anything different at all- or nothing at all- I have reminded myself that on one of my previous failed iuis I had thrown up one morning thinking surely it was morning sickness.. turns out it was only a side effect of the progesterone. And when I was pregnant the second time, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. So I never really can predict either way.

This cycle I had 3 good sized follies (whereas my previous failed iui was two). I was riding the emotional roller coaster in the days leading up to the iui- those injectibles make me feel both sick (nauseous & head-achy) and crazy.

So now I'm trying to keep busy (getting more cleaning and cooking done than usual!). And also planning more activities than normal, just to keep my mind preoccupied and stay as in the moment as much as possible.

Thinking of D.awn who is in her 2 ww as well, and celebrating for M.o & W.ill who have received some great news. Fingers crossed for everyone's success.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving ahead this month

We are able to move ahead this month with an IUI/injectibles as planned. Whew! My RE decided that we may proceed this month, while her old office intentionally takes their time sending my file to her. The new office also informed me that they have a satellite location much closer to me where if the timing works out I might be able to see my doc there for some of my appts. That would be very nice since it is only 15 minutes away vs. 1 hr!

I am glad we are able to keep moving forward. Now I'm trying to focus on being healthy, happy and optimistic in order to fight off any anxious feelings or thoughts throughout the coming days.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RE Drama

So I just found out that my RE has left the practice and has gone over to a new clinic. As a result I am stuck in limbo as I try to switch over while her/my former clinic are making it difficult. They are obviously upset about her departure and are choosing to handle it very unprofessionally and are intentionally impacting her patients' treatment, including mine. They have sent out communication and are offering discounts for her patients who stay. In the meantime, however they are taking as much time as they legally can to transfer her patients' files to her. Therefore, when evil AF arrives early this next week there is a very good chance that I will not be able to proceed this month because my file has not been transferred. Honestly the discount was a tempting offer to stay, however their bullying ways put a huge negative cloud over the place.

LAME. Very lame. We already missed December and January due to schedule conflicts (Xmas and then out of town). So the thought of sitting out another round when we are VERY ready to move but can't because of some jerks really stinks.

Sigh. I want to at least feel like I have control over the aspects that I should have control over- like moving ahead on the month that we planned.

My file that they have of course is quite thick. I faxed over my recent bloodwork/ovarian assessment results (which I happened to receive a copy of) plus my copy of November's IUI protocol to the new clinic today and have requested to move forward without the file being is there. The new office is very aware of the issues being created by the former clinic. I am a bit doubtful, yet hoping and that they make an exception about the file this month. This trying/failing/waiting is a bummer.

Fingers crossed for a green light this cycle.