Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plans to proceed

First off, thank you blog friends for continuing to follow my journey and offer support! This is the only place where I feel like I can be fully open and I appreciate your friendship immensely.

I finished my work-up this month. The results from my FSH & Estradiol testing were ok. My #s are in the "fair" range, just barely below the "good" range. Of course I would much rather have my assessment be categorized as "good." However, I am relieved to not fall in the "poor" category. Also, my RE did not discover any major issues. My infertility is "unexplained"- I believe a major factor to be my age, nearing 37.5

The lab that I went to screwed up my blood work, so I had to have it drawn twice... thus, we will not be able to proceed with any fertility treatments this month. It is a little frustrating to be delayed due to their error, but what can I do.

Our plan is to move forward next month with an IUI. I have mixed emotions at this juncture... I am ready to move forward as TTC on our own is (again) not working. However, going through fertility treatments is a bummer. Also, with my "advanced maternal age" (UGH!) and not the greatest track record under my belt with fertility treatments, I am going to have to muster up the strength to be positive and optimistic. IVF is not going to be an option this go around, so I am a bit nervous knowing I have only a few chances with IUI. For the past few months I have struggled a bit with some anxiety & depression. It's something I've dealt with in the past (mainly after the loss of Baby S- during which time I sought treatment/therapy). So far I have been able to keep things in check but I will have to continue to work on that as well.

So here's wishing us all the continued strength and optimism to soldier on in our journeys and achieve our dreams!