Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plans to proceed

First off, thank you blog friends for continuing to follow my journey and offer support! This is the only place where I feel like I can be fully open and I appreciate your friendship immensely.

I finished my work-up this month. The results from my FSH & Estradiol testing were ok. My #s are in the "fair" range, just barely below the "good" range. Of course I would much rather have my assessment be categorized as "good." However, I am relieved to not fall in the "poor" category. Also, my RE did not discover any major issues. My infertility is "unexplained"- I believe a major factor to be my age, nearing 37.5

The lab that I went to screwed up my blood work, so I had to have it drawn twice... thus, we will not be able to proceed with any fertility treatments this month. It is a little frustrating to be delayed due to their error, but what can I do.

Our plan is to move forward next month with an IUI. I have mixed emotions at this juncture... I am ready to move forward as TTC on our own is (again) not working. However, going through fertility treatments is a bummer. Also, with my "advanced maternal age" (UGH!) and not the greatest track record under my belt with fertility treatments, I am going to have to muster up the strength to be positive and optimistic. IVF is not going to be an option this go around, so I am a bit nervous knowing I have only a few chances with IUI. For the past few months I have struggled a bit with some anxiety & depression. It's something I've dealt with in the past (mainly after the loss of Baby S- during which time I sought treatment/therapy). So far I have been able to keep things in check but I will have to continue to work on that as well.

So here's wishing us all the continued strength and optimism to soldier on in our journeys and achieve our dreams!


  1. I'm sorry you have to wait a month. I am so anxious to go meet w/the new RE & get back to TTC. I will be praying the IUI works. Maybe we'll be pregnant together again!!

    As you can imagine I've been dealing w/some depression myself lately. If you ever need to vent please feel free to message me. Either way just know you are not alone.

  2. So glad you at least can try some IUIs if IVF is off the table. Here's hoping that will be all it takes this time and baby C can have the gift of a sibling to grow up with.

  3. Here's hoping your very first IUI works! Glad to "hear" from you. :-)