Sunday, September 11, 2011

Partial update on 2nd opinion from another RE

In my last post 2 months ago I recapped that after 6 months ttc and hoping that we would miraculously become pregnant on our own, I had a consultation with an RE that left me wanting a second opinion. The RE that performed our successful IVF with Baby C has moved out of State (we went to her after relocating 1 hour from our first RE) and DH & I don't mesh with this newer one's personality or approach. Therefore we are going back to our very first RE, whom we like and who did our very first IUI which resulted in Baby S (our son who very sadly we eventually lost at 21 weeks for unexplained reasons), even though she is an hour away.

I am partly through getting the 2nd opinion. Seeing our original RE was like a breath of fresh air. I was dreading going back to an RE office in general. And although I am by no means excited to be there, it is nice to see someone who we trust. We sat down and she thoroughly reviewed my history, including a long discussion about everything that has transpired over the past few years since we last saw her. She asked lots of questions, gave me the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, took notes, gave in-depth answers in a way I could understand... So different than the recent RE who basically took a mere few minutes to review my file and talked at me, not with me.

She did an vaginal ultrasound to examine my uterus and ovaries. My uterus is looking good- which is a relief, considering the polyp issue in the past and the fact that they can grow back. She didn't even feel it was necessary for me to have another sonohysterogram to check for polyps- which is good... one less step and also a money saver. She counted my andral follicles- and low and behold I still have a fairly good count. Afterall, my infertility has been categorized as "unexplained." I still need to have a blood draw to check my FSH, which in the past was in the ok/fair range.. although I am now 37.5 years old, so it has likely gone up. I was supposed to have my blood drawn on Day 3 last month, but was out of town. Since evil AF is here again this month, I will do the blood draw early this week. Also, we will do another semen analysis soon since at this point it has been a couple of years or more.

Thank you for any positive thoughts and support. This is the only place for me where people get it. I am sending positive thoughts to my blog friends at their various junctures in their journeys!


  1. Hooray for things looking OK so far! Here's hoping that getting pregnant again the hard way will be as easy as possible.

  2. It's so important to be with a doctor you trust, and I'm so glad you're able to be with your first doctor again. An hour ride sucks, but definitely not a deal-breaker, especially since it's not forever.
    I'm glad to hear that things are looking a little more positive than the previous gloomy outlook, and hope that the FSH comes back in a good range. Thinking of you!