Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NOT a good RE appt

So I visited the RE two weeks ago to assess my current status and get a recommendation on how to proceed with trying to get pregnant. Overall, his evaluation was not good. I was not surprised really, given that he stated some of my concerns before I had the chance to bring them up... that although my IVF resulted in our son, the results/numbers of the overall process were not ideal... ie. 12 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized, 3 embryos grew & were transferred. Also I am now one year older- 37. He stated right off the bat, before any discussion, that his recommendation was IVF w/ICSI.

The purpose of my visit was to collect information, and that I did. However, the appointment left me wanting to meet with another RE- primarily because I have yet to click with this particular RE and his style. This RE is the one that I inherited when my previous RE abruptly left her job and moved out of state right when I got pregnant with Baby C. After learning I was pregnant, I had my first and second ultrasound appointments with him and wasn't crazy about him then... Although not entirely his fault since he suddenly inherited me as a patient, he was unfamiliar with my history (hadn't even reviewed my file) and I didn't click with his interpersonal style at that time either.

The RE began this visit stating he had taken "a couple of minutes" prior to my appointment to review my file. I understand that IVF w/ICSI would yield the highest success rate for me. However, I don't feel that I had the chance to review/discuss my history and ask some important questions... For example, although my IVF #s weren't great, at the time my RE wanted to try a few more rounds of IUI- it was DH&I who chose to move to IVF. In other words, a little over a year ago the RE that I had believed we had a chance with more IUIs. Also at the appointment the other day, FSH etc was not addressed- just that I have done IVF and am 37. One main question for me is whether trying medicated IUI(s) would be worth a shot. If IVF is the way to go, so be it. But I'd just like to know that all info was considered and all questions were answered. At least thoroughly review my file please. Not so much to ask when they are charging the big bucks for their services, right!?! ;)

It's quite possible that a second opinion will yield the same results, and I wouldn't be surprised. Doing IUI after IVF might not make the most sense.. But DH & I would prefer to take that route if there is any hope. From my perspective as a patient and from my experience, it's a much less costly and less intense route. And for various reasons I'm not sure we would pursue IVF again. We all know how important it is to like your doctor though , and this particular RE- despite probably being effective at his job- is not the one for me. Therefore, I am going to see my original RE who is an hour away- but in the same practice as the guy that I saw the other day. The only reason why I didn't go back to her (RE#1) after losing baby S is that we have had moved to another town and she recommended RE #2. Still following? It's starting to confuse me too. :)But what I do know is that I click with her and she will be open for discussion.

Anyway, I'm still digesting the information I received. Please wish me luck with my appointment this Wednesday... I feel like I need it!! Thanks.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. I wish things could be easier. :(

  2. I am sorry you are having such a difficult time getting to #2. We have been praying for you w/Addy before bedtime. I hope things go well with your old doc, and you get some answers.