Wednesday, April 3, 2013

28 weeks

I have arrived at the start of the 3rd trimester! Everything seems to be going fine as far as I know. Physically I felt pretty good over the past month, which was a nice change after being nauseous/sick for several months. I believe that may be short-lived as I suddenly feel huge (the doc at my last appt told me I had gained more weight than I should have over the month), have to pee every 15 minutes (it feels like) and can't sleep. No complaints though- I'll take it.

I am so grateful to have arrived at this milestone. However, I have been reminded recently how there is still a ways to go and how things can change in a moment. Sadly I know two people IRL who in the past couple of weeks have experienced loss or complications and my heart is very much with them both. My friend whose due date is one week later than mine (she also has a 2.5 year old) delivered her baby very early at 27 weeks. Hoping and praying the baby makes it. A former co-worker lost her baby at 17 weeks last weekend. Please keep these women, babies & their families in your thoughts.

Baby is moving a lot and I just had an u/s last week. This pregnancy is starting to feel more real (amazing how long it takes). At 32 weeks I will start having NST & u/s 2 times per week. The plan is to have a repeat c-section at 39 weeks.

Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful spring full of goodness.