Friday, May 18, 2012

7 week ultrasound

We saw a heartbeat!!! Hooray!  Of course it is still very early in this pregnancy (only seven weeks) but we are so happy to have seen that little heartbeat flickering away!  We even got to hear it too. Thanks so much to those who sent positive thoughts my way.

Remind me if I go through this again to never go in for a first ultrasound before at least 6.5 weeks (even though 6 weeks is the protocol at my RE and plenty of people see heartbeats then). It is stressful not seeing a heartbeat and then waiting a week. This actually happened during my last pregnancy too (except that time after IVF and in the thick of grief it almost gave me a nervous breakdown, so they allowed me to come back after a few days). Anyhoo, I should have known better and just scheduled the first one a few days later.

Although the heartbeat was normal, the baby only measured at 6 weeks 2 days, which is only 2 days further along in growth than an entire week ago. UGH. I'd feel a lot better if the measurement were on track. I'm hoping it is off because it's difficult to measure precisely so early, plus the embryo was up against the uterine wall. My doctor did not seem concerned, but does want to watch closely and scheduled me to come in one week. I'm praying this pregnancy continues.

Has this happened to anyone out there this early on with the measurement being short by several days?? Good or bad, I would be interested to hear the outcome....

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  1. Oh I am so very pleased for you CeCe. I have been told that it can be difficult to get accurate measurements, particularly this early in pregnancy.

    Hoping for you and your new tiny one! xo