Thursday, May 10, 2012


Remember my last post when I said I was feeling a tiny bit nervous about my ultrasound tomorrow? Well the anxiety has snowballed and for the past few days I have been feeling very nervous.  I know the status of this pregnancy is out of my hands- but we have tried hard and have had so much hope that I'm afraid will be squashed. Having had had a horrible experience with an ultrasound where I was blind-sided and saw my first baby dead in utero at 21 weeks, I just fear these things. And physically, I do not feel the least bit pregnant right now. I know it's still very early, but in my other two pregnancies I felt several significant symptoms beginning immediately. I really had myself convinced last week that I was playing this pretty cool. I was wrong. Today I feel scared. I'm praying that my fear will be unfounded tomorrow.


  1. Your anxiety is totally understandable. In regard to your lack of "feeling pregnant," I'll just share what lots of people have told me over the years (because I believe it's true): every pregnancy is different.

    I'm abiding with you and hoping for good news tomorrow. {{hugs}}

  2. I'll be thinking of you today and hoping everything is fine. This pregnancy I had very few early symptoms, and symptom-wise it's been totally different than both other term pregnancies (boy and girl). So far it seems that everything is fine, so try not to worry too much about the symptoms. xo