Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On pins and needles

I started my first-- and hopefully only-- IVF cycle about 9 days ago. The weekend before the process was to begin I felt a bit bummed. Perhaps it was a combination of disappointment that I haven't conceived naturally, combined with some dread of all the needles.

When I picked up my big bag of uber-expensive viles, needles and meds I instantly felt overwhelmed. Immediately when I returned home I removed the excess packaging that the various products came in and sorted them on my dining table. I felt better having organized them and laid them out. I also began to feel much more optimistic knowing I was able to make an effort towards getting pregnant. One of the most difficult aspects over the past several months has been the months where I have had to just wait.

The doctor prescribed injections of 3 Bravelle and 1 Menapur per day. When I opened the needle the first night that I was to start the injections, I was amazed that the needle was much longer than I anticipated. I swore my nurse coordinator told me it was small, similar to the gonarelex during IUIs. I decided that I couldn't inject the long needle into myself and had my DH do it instead. The shot was uncomfortable, but oh well.

On the 3rd night though, the injection was VERY painful. I seriously had tears in my eyes. I thought this can't be right. Sure enough it turns out I had been given the wrong needle by the pharmacy! The correct needle is only 1 inch. Thank God! From that point on I've been doing my own injections with no problems.

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