Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Embryo Transfer

6 of the 11 eggs retrieved fertilized and we were scheduled for a day 3 transfer, which took place yesterday. 3 of the eggs only grew to 2 cells and were deemed likely to be arresting in development. The other 3 developed to 8, 6, and 4 cells. The doctor recommended transferring all 3, and we instantly agreed. Transferring 2-3 eggs is what is recommended for my age (35). And we want to increase our chances as much as possible.

DH and I were feeling hopeful and optimistic yesterday. He is convinced this is it. I am praying for a pregnancy, or more than one. So for now, we wait.

Today a little bit of fear crept in. What if this doesn't work? I was hoping that we would have had extra embies to freeze just in case. My mind also wanders to the fear of another loss.

However, I must immediately get these thoughts out of my mind and embody positive thoughts and energy...

Stick, my sweet little embies, please stick!!

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