Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the brink

After losing our baby, we were advised to wait a few months before ttc. DH and I decided that we would return to the RE. We were familiar with the IUI process and wanted the focused care. In March 2009 we did IUI #1, with Clomid. The result: BFN. I also developed cysts due to the meds. So, I was put on birth control to shrink the cysts and would have to skip a month ttc. Our doctor recommended doing injectibles for the second round and we were game for that. We thought this was it- the pg test would be positive. I felt pregnant. I even threw-up randomly one morning. Apparently it was from the progesterone because attempt #2 resulted in another BFN and again, cysts. We would have to wait out the next month. Sigh. IUI #3 was scheduled for July. Third time's a charm, right!? Wrong. BFN!

After the third failed IUI last month a wave of defeat swept over me. Two years of ttc, the monthly roller coasters, the loss of our child, and all the poking and prodding caught up with me. My RE informed me that after 3 failed IUIs, it was time to reevaluate our plan. We could try one more IUI. However, she noted a couple of factors: a) my age... I just turned the dreaded 35 and b) my FSH level has gone up over the past year and is now at a level of concern.

Last week I had a saline sonogram to examine my uterine cavity to check to see if the polyps had grown back. Thankfully, they have not. DH and I were on the fence about whether to try another IUI or move on to IVF. RE gentled nudged us towards the IVF. So now I wait for my next cycle, which should start in a couple of weeks, to begin the process...

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  1. IVF is not as scary as it seems. The worst part is the cost. You can do it. And it might just work for you. Hang in there sweetie.