Friday, September 4, 2009

So pissed- another cyst!

Two days ago my nurse coordinator called and let me know the general timeline for our first IVF cycle which would begin this month. My cycle started yesterday, so my embryo retrieval would be on approx. Oct 5th, and embryo transfer approx October 10th. It felt good learning what to expect and to know we are moving forward!


I went to the RE today for my cycle day 3 check. My left ovary looked good. However, my right has a big fat cyst!! I am PISSED. I've sat out two months already because of these buggers. But those were the result of the meds. I wasn't on any meds this time- this big fat jerk just decided to show up on its own!

Yet another curve ball. I am waiting for the results of my blood draw and to hear back from my doc on our revised plan.

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