Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to My Uterus

Two years ago I set out on my journey to have a baby. I was 33 years old, had been married for five years, and I felt it was time to begin trying. Having a family was something that I always knew I wanted. However my dear husb and I wanted to be married for a few years first, during which time we were both focused on our careers.

I was 32 when the burning desire to have a baby began. Friends all around me were having babies. I figured I had waited long enough, and did not want to wait any longer.. I did not want to be an older mom. Hopefully I would pop out a couple of kids within the next few years. Then life got in the way... a move across the country, new jobs- and suddenly a year had gone by with the urge to conceive gnawing at me all the while.

So when I turned 33, I wanted a baby pronto. I did not expect to get pregnant right off the bat. But after several months of ttc to no avail, I became a bit concerned. I had also noticed light spotting during the middle of my cycle. My OB referred me to an reproductive endocrinologist. A saline sonogram followed by an HSG showed two pretty good sized uterine polyps. One was situated near the top of my uterus, possibly blocking my fallopian tubes. Having excess uterine tissue could also potentially prevent implantation. I opted to have the polyps surgically removed.

At that point a year of ttc had gone by. A work-up of both me and my DH looked good. We were ready, and anxious. So, we proceeded with an IUI accompanied by Clomid. My body responded well, and a couple of weeks later we delighted to discovered that it had worked... I was pregnant!

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