Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sweet dream

People often ask me if I have been experiencing any pregnancy cravings- ya know, pickles & ice cream, etc. I haven't craved much in particular- but I've definitely developed a tooth for all things sweet. Every day I have to have a treat, usually in the form of a little chocolate.

Throughout my second trimester I've been having very vivid dreams. Sometimes they are plain bizarre. A few times they have been intense/scary. Last night I had a wonderful dream about the baby boy in my belly- and I found it to be so funny. Here is what I dreamt:

I had just brought my baby boy home from the hospital. He was wrapped up like sweet little burrito in a pale yellow blanket. People were stopping by the house to see him. I just held him and stared at his face smiling at him. I was an amazing feeling seeing my baby's face for the first time. The baby in my dreams didn't look much like dh or I, but he was beautiful. He had soft, black hair, fair skin and blue eyes. I was in awe of how beautiful he looked and was so happy just gazing at him.

Suddenly, he spoke! The words "I WANT PANCAKES!" came out of his mouth in a child's voice.

I was in awe that he could already speak! And I laughed in my dream at what he said. Then he also proceeded to walk a few steps, which also amazed me.

Not sure what this dream meant, if anything at all, (maybe I should cut back on the sweet treats!) but it was surely entertaining. And I awoke with a wonderful feeling having had a tiny glimpse of what it might feel like to finally meet my dear boy.


  1. That's very sweet. :) Hopefully the reality will be all that and a whole lot more!

  2. I think the meaning is very clear - go get that boy some pancakes immediately! You may not any cravings, but he does.

  3. What a great dream! I dreamt a few days ago that I was breastfeeding my little Mingo. I woke up all sorts of happy!

  4. 三分之一的人生,可以決定另外三分之二的人生!!共勉哦! ....................................................