Monday, July 30, 2012

Sono, bloodwork & relo

I had my sonohys.tiogram today- and thankful no returned polyps and no fibroids. My uterus is looking good. Whew! I had a whole bunch of blood drawn to go through a wider battery of tests in order to dig further for any possible underlying problems. I should have all of the results back in a couple of weeks. I hope they don't find anything. (Not that our losses or IF being "unexplained" is good either).

We just found out that we will in fact be moving out of State very soon- to a new city, where we really don't know anyone. The job opportunity for DH is great, and the location is good. The process of moving sucks as usual though, and now I will have to start over looking for new doctors. Ugh.

We aren't sure what next steps we will take yet, and the options are all difficult & expensive. Right now we are on hold due to the additional tests and now we are delayed due the move. Being on hold is a bit frustrating. Also recently we visited both of our families, and it would have been the time that we would have announced our pregnancy. This is a challenging time right now...Everything feels a little bitter sweet. Hanging on tight to the sweet parts & praying for the universe to conspire in our direction.

Happy to see more hard-fought pregnancies and rainbow babies out there. Sending good thoughts to all!


  1. "Unexplained" is so hard because you never know if what you're planning is "fixing" the "problem." I feel for you and understand the frustration of being on hold.

  2. Moving totally does suck. :/ I'm glad to hear of the good results so far with your testing, and hope that you continue to get more good news!

    I can imagine it must be so hard every time you have to think about who you would have told about your pregnancy and how exciting it would have been. I really hope this gets easier for you as time goes on.

  3. Thank you for your message and the positive thoughts on my blog! They help very much! I am so sorry for what you are going through!

    We are in the process of moving as well so I know it can be difficult. Hope everything goes smooth with your move!