Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chinese Good Luck

Yesterday and today we completed our IUI. I feel a lot crampier and more uncomfortable than I recall feeling in the past. However, I am glad to be done with that step. Tomorrow I start progesterone and baby aspirin. I hope the 2 WW goes by quickly- I plan to stay distracted.

Last night we ate sushi and following dinner we opened the fortune cookies they gave to us. DH's was kind of lame- I don't even remember now what it said. But here is what mine read, "A golden egg of opportunity will fall in your lap this month." :) I mean I'm not all that superstitious, but we instantly got a kick out of it. Also day 1 of the IUI (which my RE said is the more important of the 2) was 11-11-11... For the Chinese the date signifies good luck. The numbers rhyme with "one husband, one wife and one soul" in Chinese.

Obviously I'm not putting too much stock into all of this- but hey, I will take all the luck I can get!

Bring on the golden egg!!


  1. I totally believe in signs, and those seem like great signs to me. A little positive attitude never hurts anything, so go with the golden egg theory. I like it! Good luck!

  2. I'm all for anything that gives you positive thoughts. Will be praying like mad for you during this 2WW.