Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thirty Six

The number 36 is the theme for me this week... I'm 36 weeks pregnant- and my 36th birthday is this week. Wow- on both accounts.

Baby update: We were surprised to see at this week's ultrasound that he has turned head down! Our bi-weekly ultrasounds had shown him breech since week 21. So hopefully he will decide to stay put! There are some new discomforts that come with his new position. Even though he hasn't dropped, I feel a lot of pressure in my pelvis, so no more long walks. I now get up even more frequently in the night, from both baby's movement and the added pressure on my bladder. My back aches (especially when sitting up at a desk for extended periods). At times I get a sharp pain running from my left hip down my thigh, which is apparently due to the baby resting on a nerve. However-- these are all observations, not complaints. I am so grateful to be where I am right now with this pregnancy. Overall, I'm still feeling pretty good- just READY. I'm feeling and looking big- and the belly continues to grow. The entire front of my belly is numb from what my doctor says is due to the skin being stretched. I'm most certainly waddling instead of walking. And I can tell from the looks of people that I appear as though I'm about to pop. The little one is weighing in at 5 lbs 12 oz- so he should be between 6 and 7 lbs by our due date. I can feel the baby's little bum pressing out towards my left side and his feet kicking out on my right (ouch). It is pretty amazing to put my hands on him and know which part of him I am touching. I can hold his little butt in the palm of my hand. :) I am so looking forward to seeing, smelling and holding him soon!!!

My birthday: Blah! I'm not big on birthdays when it comes to my own. And I'm really not happy about the fact that I'm 36. The past 3-plus years have been dominated by trying to conceive, baby loss, fertility treatments. It has been a long journey. I am older than I would like to be for a number of reasons and wish I could set the clock back a few years. Oh well...C'est la vie.

Sending hugs and wishing for all good things to everyone on their journeys!


  1. A very happy birthday to you!! So glad to hear your little man has turned over, but boy do I understand all the different aches and pains that brings along with it!! Only a few more weeks to go and we can finally hug and kiss the heck out of our precious miracles!!

  2. Happy birthday, and happy 36 weeks! It's cool that you know where his bum is when you feel your belly. I had NO idea when I was pregnant with D, but I think I'm getting better at figuring it out this time around. You're so close!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear your little guy has flipped into the right position. That's a big relief for you. He knows it's almost time!

  4. Despite you not liking birthdays, I'm still going to wish you a, "Happy Birthday!". I'm pleased to read that things are still going well on the baby front. I hope the next bit of time passes gently.

    Thinking of you

  5. Happy birthday and happy 36 weeks! That's so cool that they happen the same week! My little guy is in the same position--butt on the left and feet on the right. I love it! :)