Friday, June 18, 2010

In 15 days

In 15 days, it will be my due date. I sometimes think of my journey to parenthood as running a marathon. I am by no means a runner and have never attempted a marathon or other lengthy run. But I imagine it to be tough challenge- grueling and painful at times- yet one achieves a sense of euphoria at the end. Although I feel present and bonded with this baby, it is hard for me to believe that in just a couple of weeks I will be holding my precious LIVE baby boy. Most parents probably feel this way to a degree. However, I have been a bit guarded throughout the past nine months. The loss of my first son was so unexpected and difficult for me, that there is a small part of me that has been in protective mode. I am confident that everything will continue to go well, but am somewhat prepared for anything. For the past four months (once I got past our previous loss point) I have been able to enjoy this pregnancy, however not a day has gone by that I have not woken up and asked myself "did I feel the baby move last night?"... In other words, "Is my baby still alive?"

Now, as my due date approaches, I feel like I have come so far. DH and I are so excited to meet our little one. Yet a small surge of anxiety has been creeping up on me every once and a while as of late. I can not help but think of the babyloss mamas who I've met who lost their little ones at full term. There was never a reason determined for our loss. One of our doctors told us "if you have to blame something, blame the placenta".. indicating the possibility that somehow the placenta had failed to provide enough nutrients and oxygen to sustain our helpless little boy's life.

So it is at this point that I feel very excited, a tiny bit fearful of the worst, but most of all READY. This journey for me began over three years ago and has involved one dead baby, multiple failed IUIs, and an IVF. The comments I've been receiving from people around me lately amuse me. "Enjoy this quiet time while you can!" "Enjoy sleep while you are able to!" The thing is, I am so ready to bring home a baby that I could care less about sleep deprivation, etc. (Watch I say that now and will be eating my words soon! ;) But I can only imagine that for all of us who have endured these difficult journeys, that hopefully the joy of bringing home our live babies will make the challenges of parenting somehow seem less difficult.


  1. I can imagine that having gone through a previous loss, in addition to infertility, makes the experience of being pregnant quite different.

    I'm excited that your due date is so close! Can't wait to hear about your baby's arrival.

  2. Wow 15 days!! We are both in the home stretch! Although I did not suffer nearly as much as you did with your 2nd tri loss, I still struggle with the same fears as baby girls due date approaches. I am both beyond excited and ridiculously nervous. But I have faith that God has brought us both through our struggles and to this point for the exact reason you said. So that we can be better parents to our little miracles. God Bless.

  3. 15 days is no time at all- wow. So exciting :) Positive hopeful thoughts for the changes that will happen in the coming weeks.

  4. Only days left until you can stop being guarded and finally have pure joy with him in your arms at last. So happy for you!

  5. Eek! One day left until your due date! I'll be praying for you and anxiously awaiting your birth announcement on your blog! Good luck!