Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Doppler or Not To Doppler

After much consideration, I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a doppler. I know it's really not a big deal, but it's a decision that I put a lot of thought into and delayed as long as possible. Part of me wanted to be able to transform myself into that pregnant woman who doesn't worry, whose mind would not question the well-being of their baby.

But, I lost the possibility of being that pregnant woman a year ago. Of course, at every moment I am grateful to be pregnant- yet it's going to take some work and more time for me to feel confident with this pregnancy.

The doppler should arrive in a few days. My husband believes that we will not know how to use the machine correctly and will end up in a panic not being able to find the baby's heartbeat. (Another reason why I didn't buy one sooner). However, I've promised myself that if I run into that scenario, I will remain calm and rational. :) I've read on other blogs that the doppler brings much needed comfort at times and I am really looking forward to that.


  1. I definitely support the doppler purchase. Instead of sitting at home and wondering if the baby is okay, you can actually be proactive. You won't always be able to find the heartbeat, (which doesn't necessarily mean doom!) but it's so comforting when you hear it. Before you try to find it, check out this website: The doppler will come with instructions of what to listen for, but this website tells you what the OTHER sounds in your abdomen sound like. (If the HB sounds too slow, it's probably NOT the baby.) Good luck!!

  2. Which doppler did you buy? If you have any doppler questions or problems, I can help you out as much as I can. Good luck!

  3. Emi, I purchased the same one that you have.. I will definitely contact you if I have questions!

  4. I think it's a good idea, my wife used one quite a bit. It seemed to help reassure her. Hope everything continues to go well.